The staff of the Institute of Materials Science are actively involved in the study process by teaching in other faculties of the University or by conducting laboratory and other practical sessions at the Institute. The research infrastructure is open for KTU students and the Institute‘s scientists and researchers are consulting the students and supervising their internships and final projects.

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The scientists and researchers of the Institute of Materials Sciences are integrated into the master‘s and PhD study processes. Technology and natural sciences students who have the option to design their individual study plan can choose the study modules delivered at the Institute. Those master’s students who are willing to develop their practical skills in nanotechnology field can choose MA+ block of competences Nanotechnology Engineering.

Bachelor's studies

At the Institute of Materials Science, the following modules of Materials and Nanotechnologies study programme are delivered:

T150B021 Nanostructures and Nanomaterials,
T150B209 Sensors and Their Technologies,
T150B186 Functional Materials and Nanotechnologies

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Master's studies

MA+ block of competencies Nanotechnology Engineering

T150M221 Nanoscience: Design, Deposition and Analysis of the Nanomaterials (coordinator Š. Meškinis)
T150M222 Clean Room Technologies (coordinator V. Grigaliūnas)
T165M001 Optical Technologies and Spectroscopy (coordinator A. Tamulevičienė)

Optional Competence of MA+

Laboratory sessions

Laboratory sessions that are being held for bachelor’s and master’s students

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Assoc. prof.  dr. Asta Guobienė
Senior researcher

phone: +370 698 44866
e. mail:

Chairman of Materials Engineering PhD Committee
dr. habil. Arvaidas Galdikas


Chairman of Physics PhD Committee
dr. habil. Sigitas Tamulevičius


Chairman of  Mechanical Engineering PhD Committee
dr. habil. Vytautas Ostaševičius