E-MRS 2019 – the Largest Conference in Europe

Important | 2019-06-17

On May 27-31, 2019 the largest Conference in Europe E-MRS Spring Meeting took place in Nice, where scientists and young researchers from the Institute of Materials Science of KTU had participated. The scientific programme consisted of 28 symposia emphasizing the most recent achievements in materials science field with a focus on interdisciplinary research in fundamentals and applications.

At H symposium (Materials for applications in photocatalysis and photoconversion) post-doctoral student dr. Domantas Peckus presented his research in a poster session on the subject “Ultrafast relaxation dynamics of localized surface plasmon resonances in aluminum nanoparticles prepared with colloidal methods”.

At N symposium (Nano-engineered coatings and thin films: from design to applications) chief researcher dr. Šarūnas Meškinis presented an oral report on the topic “Diamond like carbon and diamond like carbon nanocomposite based saturable absorbers” and PhD student Erika Rajackaitė gave a poster presentation – “Excited state relaxation dynamics as a measure of quality of graphene layers deposited by plasma based techniques”.

At T symposium (2D semiconductors: applications and perspectives) dr. Meškinis gave a poster presentation titled “Transfer-free and catalyst-free synthesis of graphene on Si(100) and SiO2 substrates by microwave plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition”.