MMI Student Received OSA Student Chapter Prize for the Best Presentation in International Conference-School

Important | 2020-09-10

On August 24-28, 2020 22nd international conference-school “Advanced Materials and Technologies 2020” for students and young researchers was held in Palanga, Lithuania. Due to pandemic situation, this year the novel possibility was introduced: watching online lecturers’ presentations through “Zoom” platform.

During the poster sessions, students had the possibility to present their work for the international jury, which chose the best. The winners presented their research as short oral presentations on the last day of the conference. Special OSA Student Chapter Applied Optics and Photonics KTU prize for the best presentation in optics and photonics field was awarded to MMI student Tomas Klinavičius for his work “Combination of Computer Generated and Dot-matrix Holograms for Anti-counterfeiting Employing Femtosecond Laser Ablation”. Another MMI PhD student Andrius Žutautas also received jury prize for his work “Formation and Modelling of Diffraction Periodic Micro-Structures”. The rest of the winners are:

· Gintarė Plečkaitytė (Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Lithuania) “Solvothermal Synthesis of NASICON-type NaTi2(PO4)3 for Aqueous Na-ion Batteries”;

· Julianija Nikitina (Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Lithuania) “Deposition of Multilayer Optical Coatings on Corrugated Surfaces”;

· Karolina Maleckaitė (Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Lithuania) “Photophysical Properties of Thiophene-Substituted BODIPY Molecular Rotors”;

· Simona Pūkienė (Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Lithuania) “Electro-optical Response of Infrared Light Emitting Sources”;

· Rudolfs Janis Zabolockis (University of Latvia, Latvia) “Beryllium Oxidation in Air at Elevated Temperatures Depending on the Relative Humidity”.

All conference-school participants during secret voting decided, that they like best the work “Optical Sensor Based on Gold Nanoparticle Formation for Reducing Sugar Determination” by Benediktas Brasiūnas (Vilnius University, Lithuania).

“Along with the theoretical and experimental aspects of the research, it was interesting to hear about the industrial aspect – how new materials and devices become consumer products and how they are later applied.” – Tomas Klinavičius, one of the winners of best poster presentations, shares his opinion about the conference.

The conference-school was organised by Institute of materials Science of Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuanian Materials Research Society, Vilnius University, University of Latvia, Riga Technical University, University of Tartu, Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, University of Southern Denmark, Kaunas Science and Technology Park, Applied Research Institute for Prospective Technologies. Most of 167 participants were from Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, but specialist from Ukraine, Portugal, South Korea, and United States of America gave remote lectures. More information can be found in conference website and Facebook page.